Prefab ADU is For You!

Congratulations, a Prefab ADU is the right ADU for you!

You might not know it …but you are very lucky. Many homeowners simply don’t qualify for a prefab ADU.

Here is why a Prefab ADU is right for you:

  • You have a busy and demanding life
  • You want to choose something beautiful
  • You love a concierge experience
  • You value peace and privacy. You want construction hassle kept to a minimum.

How Does Prefab Compare With Site Built ADU?

The prefab process strips away most of the stress and inconvenience of the traditional site built process.

Imagine a one stop shop where everything- design, permits, installation, and finishes are all taken care of – all you need to do is select you ideal ADU DIGGS!

Our price is all inclusive and upfront- no hidden fees or “gotcha’s”.

Here is a chart showing common items that are not included in a traditional bid to build a “site built” ADU that ARE included with us.

Prefab vs Site Built Comparison

How Does Prefab ADU Compare with Garage Conversion?

No one really wants to lose their garage, right? It is valuable flex space and storage space – a few of us even park our cars in it.

And, if you convert your garage you might even decrease your home’s value!

Many people think a garage conversion is easier, but consider the comparison chart below. Prefab is your bet for convenience and quality.

Here are the benefits of a prefab ADU DIGGS

  • Shortest active construction time option (6 – 8 weeks)
  • All in one pricing – you just worry about the interior decorating and landscaping.
  • Centralized production means you get higher quality for a lower price.


Your ADU should blend and contribute to your home and neighborhood. You want the right style and the right quality.

ADU DIGGS is Los Angeles owned and operated. We have decades of experience in local real estate, architectural design and home construction.

Our ADUs fit your neighborhood, your lifestyle and your home.