Frequently Asked Questions

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit. You might know it as a granny flat, a backyard home, an in-law apartment, even a guest cottage.  It is a permanent structure that is secondary to the main home on your property. And it includes a kitchen space and bathroom, at a minimum.

A prefab – or prefabricated ADU, is one that is built in a factory, not in your backyard. It is built to the same (and often superior) standards as one built on site. Active construction time is just 6 weeks. READ MORE about the prefab process here.

A site-build ADU is built on your property. It is easier to customize which makes it available to a wide variety of sites. ADU DIGGS is available as either prefab OR site built.

Not sure which option you need? Get a free consultation and we’ll help you decide

No! A mobile home (or manufactured home) is installed on a chassis (such as a trailer) and is classified as personal property. They are manufactured using is a different, less stringent, building code than a prefab or modular ADU. These structures are classified as similar to an RV- personal property, not real estate.

A prefab ADU is built using the same (and often superior) building code used on your own home. We install your ADU DIGGS on a raised concrete perimeter foundation and install permanent utility connections. It is classified as real estate and adds to the appraised value of your home.

Even a very small lot can have room for our ADU designs. The important question is, do you have a spot that is approximately 23 ft. by 40 ft? Our Studio will fit and that includes the 4ft. setback requirement.

If that spot isn’t level you might be a candidate for our site-built version.

Our White Glove All-in package includes everything- permits, foundation and utility connections for your ADU. We do everything while you go about your normal life.

No. But it is as close to set as anyone can ever give.

Our decades of experience mean we can see around corners and account for almost any variable in our upfront price. Some people think our pricing is too detailed and too transparent… but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, construction is a dynamic process. Conditions can change, sometimes without warning. Should that happen we promise we will not make an additional profit.

Not everyone can transport a 90% complete ADU onto their property. Most companies fly it over the roof of your home or back fence on a crane, and land it on the prepared foundation. This is frequently a problem in established neighborhoods with mature trees and overhead electrical lines.

We can split our ADUs into modules, deliver them by forklift up your driveway, and then reassemble on your foundation. This means that at many sites  that don’t qualify with other prefab ADU companies, our forklift delivery model can make it happen.

If a prefab doesn’t work for your site we offer our designs as a White Glove site-built option.