Frequently Asked Questions

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit. You might know it as a granny flat, a backyard home, an in-law apartment, even a guest cottage.  It is a permanent structure that is secondary to the main home on your property. And it includes a kitchen space and bathroom, at a minimum.

A prefab – or prefabricated ADU, is one that is built in a factory. We arrange for a contractor to come to your backyard and do the the minimal necessary work to lay the foundation and utility connections. On Install Day we deliver your ADU and have it installed, which takes about 3 weeks. 

A site-build ADU is built on your property, which means that you (and your neighbors) have months of contractors, mess, deliveries, noise, and construction as your ADU is being built.

Not sure which option you need? Check out our fun quiz to see if a prefab might be right for you.

No! A mobile home (or manufactured home) is installed on a chassis (such as a trailer) and is classified as personal property.

A prefab ADU is installed on a permanent foundation we build in your yard at the same time the ADU is being built to your specs in the factory – it is classified as real estate.

Let’s find out! Contact us and we will do a quick check of your property address and let you know within a couple of days if we can add an ADU to your backyard. We examine each site by hand to make sure you have the highest chance of benefitting from the prefab experience.

Good News! While many prefab companies need to crane their ADUs in – which means you won’t qualify if you live in an area with mature trees, our units can be forklifted along your driveway

Rhino Construction is our dedicated contractor installer. We work together to ensure sure your new home is properly permitted, the foundation is solid and all utilities are properly installed.

 I know site-build costs can quickly spiral out of control (and budget)

The base price (ie ‘start from’ price) assumes certain standard conditions. When we give you the contract the price will take into account any additional costs due to your yard conditions, your utility requirements, and any extras you require or request. 

While we can’t guarantee there won’t be any unexpected costs, our decades of experience means that we quote for the issues we know will come up. And if an unexpected and unforeseeable situation comes up, we will work hard to handle it in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Standard Conditions

  • A flat site with no obstructions like a sloping grade, concrete or landscaping modifications 
  • Utility connection length and an adequately sized electric service that will not require to be update.
  • No interior fire sprinklers.  These may be required as part of your site permitting

Not everyone can transport a 90% complete ADU onto their property. Most companies fly it over the roof of your home or back fence on a crane, and land it on the prepared foundation. This is frequently a problem in established neighborhoods with mature trees and overhead electrical lines.

We can split our ADUs into modules, deliver them by forklift up your driveway, and then reassemble on your foundation. This means that at many sites  that don’t qualify with other prefab ADU companies, our forklift delivery model can make it happen.