Meet Our Team

Kendyl Young

Managing Partner

With 35 years of residential real estate sales experience and having sold thousands of homes, Kendyl knows the Greater Los Angeles and Foothill neighborhoods.

Homebuyers are starting to factor ADU potential in almost ever purchase decision. Property values continue to rise and buyers are no longer counting on being able to move up into a larger home. Instead, they are forward thinking of an ADU to help house aging parents, remote work flexibility and potential rental income. ADUs are a huge opportunity that will continue to grow as demand increases

Arlene Edjourian, AIA


Arlene has 26 years of experience with residential architecture - from large scale production housing to luxury custom design. She is a founding partner and certified architect with the award-winning firm AMK Studio.

We wanted to offer a modern lifestyle on the interior, and have the exterior be close enough to what is there that it blends in. And we wanted to create not just a box, but work with the beautiful indoor outdoor relationship as we do in our larger homes, and make sure we bring the light in, and create a beautiful, cozy outdoor patio that relates to multiple rooms.

Scott Reinhardt


Scott built his first ADU for Ronald Regan while still in the military. With 35 years construction experience with large scale production housing, there isn’t an issue Scott and his team haven't experienced or anticipated.

The military installed a deep respect for planning that informs everything I do- and I tend to think about details a lot more than your average contractor. When I worked on large scale housing developments I was the guy everyone checked with to be sure we hadn't missed a potential problem. I bring that same level of attention to the ADU process.

Stan Young

Operations Manager

Stan has 35 years of project management for Kendyl's real estate business. He excels at planning ahead and eliminating chaos and stress from everyone's life.

Katie Flores

Project Manager

Katie holds a degree in architecture from USC. She has 26 years experience and founding partner with the award winning firm AMK Studio. She is a wizard with planning, permitting and site design for large scale production housing and luxury custom design.

Real Estate Expertise

DIGGS is an award winning residential real estate brokerage in Glendale CA. Kendyl Young is the principle broker and she's been guiding her client's real estate decisions for over 35 years. Her focus on details and long term trust relationships has lead to a referral only business with some clients spanning multiple generations.

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Architectural Design

A designer can create a pretty floor plan. An architect makes sure an ADU blends with it’s environment, feels solid when you are inside and everything works exactly the way you expect. It’s simple, but is far from easy. amkStudio are in-demand architects for quality projects in Los Angeles and Orange County. They have over 40 years of collective experience.

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Contractor/ Installer

The contractor is your key to a smooth experience. You need an experienced eye to tell you, upfront, what to expect. Rhino Construction has decades of experience managing crews in the tract home industry as well as building custom homes. When the big guys need it done right they call Rhino because they trust them to do it right.

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Quality You Can Trust


After decades in the residential property business, we looked around the neighborhoods we know and love and were disappointed to see that they just didn’t match what people needed any more. Families worried about increasing property taxes, trying to figure out how to stay close to aging parents and growing kids, looking to work or school from  home.

Our passion is to support families stay in their neighborhoods by keeping the cost of ADUs low while also ensuring we’re not just dropping modern boxes into spaces where they don’t fit.

We’ve always loved using outdoor space to maximize the use and enjoyment of a home, and we don’t see why we can’t have that with ADUs, too. And we know that the modern style doesn’t look right everywhere. Our mission is to transform a site into something that can be used flexibly and can support a family, without changing the look and feel of a neighborhood.