Turn-key service: you decide what you want, and we’ll take it from there.

Great design, quality features, and a hassle free process. We handle everything from permits to keys and our pricing is upfront. We don't profit if the cost of your project changes.

Price Includes:

  • Dual glazed, energy efficient windows
  • Multiple Dual Glazed Patio Doors
  • Solar Energy Panels
  • Designer Cabinetry
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Stainless Steel Sink, Microwave Vent and Dishwasher
  • Moen Plumbing Fixture
  • Stainless Steel Oven/range
  • Utility Closet w/Laundry Hookups
  • Recessed Lights
  • Outdoor Light Fixtures
  • Bamboo Flooring

Factors That Can Affect Price

Our base price covers a flat space with no obstructions. Sloping grade, concrete or landscape modifications can increase your price.

Basic utility connections are covered. Extra long connections, additional trenching or undersized electric service can add to your price.

Installation method (crane or forklift) is site specific and we will use the least expensive method that is practical.

The best choice for your lifestyle
We’ll work together to select the right model, interior finishes, and assess where on your site your ADU should sit so that you can maximize the indoor/outdoor space.

Want a separate courtyard from your main house? No problem. Would you prefer to share outdoor space? We can make that work, too.

A turnkey service on a tight/fast timeline

Removing all the red tape
Our models are already pre-approved by the state, so a lot of the permitting work is done before you even sign up for your ADU. But we’ll work with the city and state to make sure we get all the site approvals we need to start work asap.

The heavy work happens offsite
Your ADU will be built in our highly-controlled factory environment. Now your price is locked in place, we’ll account for your site specifics, and any extras you require or request as your model is built off-site.

Watch the magic happen on Install Day
Install Day is our second favorite day (It’s hard to top Key Day). We’ll deliver your ADU – either craning it over the top of your home or by forklift along your driveway if that’s easier. We’d hate to disrupt any of the mature trees in your backyard – or worse, in your neighbors’ backyard.

Then we work as fast as possible to connect up utilities, finalize your ADU and make sure everything is clean and ready for Key Day!

Key Day is the BEST
Okay, this is truly our favorite day. Welcome to your new ADU – we’ll be delighted to show you around and make sure you know where everything is. Then, maybe if we are lucky, you’ll make us a coffee in your new space!


Check if my yard qualifies

Choose your model

Studio Unit

The studio is 350 SF. It includes 2 sets of double patio doors, 12 recessed lights

Starts from $139,000

One Bedroom Unit

The 1 Bedroom is 456 SF. It includes 3 sets of double wide patio doors and 16 recessed lights.

Starts from $199,000