ADU Pricing. Our Design, Your Way.

ADU Pricing

Our ADU Pricing is flexible to suit your needs. Prefab, site-built, or just the permit-ready plans for your new Backyard Dwelling – we’ve got your back. Choose from our White Glove all-in service or go your own way with plans or just the prefab structure.

White Glove Prefab Package

Starts from $239,000. Our signature package offers set it and forget it convenience. Pick your model and options and we do everything else. We obtain permits, arrange utilities, manage the factory process, engineer and install the foundation, install the utilities, transport, install the ADU and clean up. Total time is about 9 months, and active construction time is 6 weeks.

White Glove Site-Built Package

Starts From $123,000 Same fabulous design, same high-quality features, built on-site. Pick your model and options – we can even tweak things a bit for you! Once your choices are finalized, we handle everything else. We’ll engineer, obtain permits, source materials, arrange utilities and tightly manage the construction process. All you need to do is pick out your furniture. Active construction time is about 8 months, total project time will depend on your level of customization.

The DIY Package

Starts from $3,500 Purchase our plan-check-ready architectural documents and get a major head start with building your new backyard home. Our AIA designs and documents retail for $23,000 for comparable quality and can include floor plans, engineering specs, elevations, cross-sections, and more. Your contractor bids will be more accurate and the building process streamlined. We also sell our complete prefab ADU structure separate from our permit and installation service.

We’ll Help You Choose

Not sure what package is right for you? Click here to get a Free Consultation. We’ll walk you through your options and find the right mix for you.