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Prefab ADU- 5 Reasons It Makes Sense!

The Prefab ADU is built with a tried and true building method. In fact, large luxury homes, hotels, and shopping malls are often built using prefab, or modular, methods.

Until recently modular ADUs weren’t considered profitable by established factories – but the recent law changes and consumer demand have changed everything.

Factory owners see a tidal wave of demand for ADUs and they are now eager to get on board.

We know that the educated consumer wants the benefits and value of the prefabricated ADU process. Soon prefab and modular ADUs will be commonplace.

5 Benefits Of The Prefab ADU DIGGS

1. Short Construction Time

Our entire process takes about 4 – 6 months- but you only deal with construction mess for a few weeks. The majority of the time your ADU DIGGS is being built in a factory.

Contrast that with traditional site construction where crews are creating noise, dirt, and chaos for the entire 6 months! And, it could last a lot longer due to recent labor and material shortages.

2. Modular ADU Has Higher Quality Control

Did you know that most traditional construction workers operate with very little supervision or oversight?

The managing contractor visits once a day, maybe twice as they typically have several job sites going at the same time. City inspectors will do 7 – 10 spot checks throughout the process. They only see the state of things on the day they visit.

The modular ADU factory is a highly regulated and supervised environment. Workers are supervised and managed all day long. In addition professional inspectors are on site, everyday, checking on all of the in progress projects.

3. Prefab ADU DIGGS Is More Durable

Once our prefabricated ADU has to be extra strong because it gets moved from the factory to your home. Extra materials reinforce the home’s structural frame – materials missing on a site built home.

In addition, prefab ADUs are precisely engineered (no room for corners being cut!) and this also leads to enhanced durability.

4. Prefab ADU Has Less Waste, Better For Environment

The prefab ADU process is more green. It saves energy, reduces waste and cuts down on noise pollution.

Prefabricated ADUs are the sensible choice for three great reasons.

  1. The factory process dramatically cuts down on construction waste
  2. Factory workers can live close to work as opposed to commuting to job sites far from their homes.
  3. Noise pollution is dramatically reduced and contained within a factory.

5. Better Design

A modular ADU is designed once and then built over and over again. This means we can hire better designers and take more time to get the details absolutely right.

And, its a multitude of little details that make the difference between an intuitively comfortable space and one that feels just a bit… off.

This Sounds Great But…

Prefab is not the right choice for everyone.

Read: How To Build An ADU for a comparison of site-built ADU to prefab ADU for some additional perspective.

We offer our ADUs as a prefab or site-built option. We also sell our architectural plans separately so you can manage the build on your own. Get your Free Consultation and we’ll help you decide.