Los Angeles County ADU

Los Angeles County ADU Policy

LA County ADU Policy governs all the unincorporated parts of the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. This includes La Crescenta, Sunland/Tujunga, parts of East Pasadena, and Altadena, among many others. The Los Angeles County ADU Policy is different from Los Angeles City ADU policy and it is important to know which set of rules applies to your home.

Los Angeles County ADU Policy is 34 pages of dense, confusing jargon. The following is my summary of the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance effective November 12, 2020. ADU policy changes, sometimes rapidly, so make sure you check for updates in your individual area.

two bedroom ADU

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Los Angeles County ADU Policy Highlights

ADU Size and Height Limitations in Los Angeles County

Detached ADU can be up to 1200 square feet. The height limit is 25 feet, enough for a two-story structure. If it is less than 750 SF, it is exempt from impact fees.

Setback Rules for Los Angeles County ADUs

Setback rules follow state-mandated rules- 4 feet from the back and sides. Separation from the main home isn’t specified, so we assume the normal building code applies. This is five feet from the outside edge, so assume 6 ft. to account for eaves, etc.

Junior ADUs in Los Angeles County

JADUs are allowed. The homeowner must live on the property. If you add to your home to create a JADU you are limited to 50% of the original area of the home.

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Parking Requirements for Los Angeles County ADUs

The rules for ADU parking follows state mandate. No replacement or additional off-street parking is required if a public transportation stop is within 1/2 mile of walking distance or in a historic district.

Two Story ADUs in Los Angeles County

Two-story ADUs are allowed in Los Angeles County.

ADUs for Historic Neighborhoods in Los Angeles County

There are no additional restrictions for historic homes or areas.

Los Angeles County ADUs as Short-Term Rentals

There are no rules prohibiting short term rentals for ADUs

Multi-Family Residence ADU Rules in Los Angeles County

Converting existing floor space within the MFR structure: either add 1 ADU unit OR 25% of existing MFR units, whichever is greater.

Converting within an existing detached structure (like a detached garage structure): maximum of 2 ADUs plus up to 150 Sf of additional new space to allow ingress and egress

New Detached ADU: Maximum of 2 detached ADUs. The maximum size is 1200 sf, and the maximum height is 16 ft.

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