ADU DIGGS – Start-Up Pitch Battle

ADU DIGGS In the News!!! Yahoo Financial News: 25v Diversity Fund announced that ADU DIGGS was the runner-up in their inaugural Pitch Battle at Inman Connect in Las Vegas. 25V Diversity Fund seeks to fund real estate, property, and fintech startups led by diverse founders.

Founder and CEO Kendyl Young hit it out of the park after her 5-minute presentation- receiving a nearly unanimous “INVEST” vote from the audience.

ADU DIGGS delivers high-end ADUs without the high-end price or hassle, creating achievable multi-generational housing and age-in-place solutions.

Here are some of the main points of Kendyl’s pitch.

The Housing Crisis is also a Care Crisis

A busy family would benefit from a multi-generational living arrangement. The special needs adult needs a safe place to live- preferably with people they know and trust. The not quite retired senior wants to age in place. Each one could improve their lives with an ADU, but the process is overwhelming.

ADU DIGGS Has The Solution

Boxy off-the-shelf prefab ADUs don’t fit many home styles while custom-built options are expensive and time-consuming. We saw a better way.

We offer high end ADUs without the high end price. Our predesigned choices fit with different home styles, lifestyles, and tastes. You’ll have options with the build, from prefab for speed or site built for flexibility. Either way, we’ve eliminated the hassles from concept to keys.

The ADU Demand Is Growing Rapidly

ADU permit volume tripled in 2019 over the previous year, and that was BEFORE the 2020 ADU laws made it easier for millions of California homeowners to add an ADU in their backyard.

And a lot of them have space in their backyards. The SCOG found that over three million properties in just Southern California have enough space for a detached 800 SF ADU.

ADU DIGGS Team Makes A Difference

A great construction story begins with an experienced team who plans every detail in advance.

Our Realtor understands home and the problems families face. Our architect partners design spaces that work and our contractor special advisor keeps costs in line and eliminates surprises.

We have helped thousands of families solve for “home” and we can help you.

Ready To Chat?

Choosing an ADU Company is a big deal. If you are ready to “talk” you can either get a quick assessment by clicking HERE or schedule an online meeting with Kendyl by clicking HERE.

Either way, we will help you get the answers you need.