How Long TO Get An ADU

How Long Does Prefab ADU Take

A prefab ADU is faster and more predictable the a traditional site built ADU. It takes about 9 months for a prefab ADU to go from concept keys in your hand. Contrast that with a site built ADU which can take well over a year to complete.

Why Does Prefab ADU Take Less Time?

Working with an architect to design the site, structure and interior is a surprisingly time consuming process. ADU DIGGS removes all of that back and forth, giving you months of your life back!

The factory building environment is more efficient and dependable. Labor, supply chain, and project scheduling are easier to control and supervise. The factory is free from the delays caused by local inspectors, weather or a disaster at some other job site.

Here is a breakdown of the prefab ADU process timeline.

how long does a prefab ADU take

The site built process takes longer because field conditions are unpredictable and difficult to control.

Here is a breakdown of the site built process.

Is a prefab adu faster than site built

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