ADU on a Small Lot

ADUs On Small Lots

It is possible to fit a nice detached ADU on your small lot. We are working on plan for a 3500 SF lot in Ventura- our one bedroom unit fits nicely in the rear portion of the lot. Each home- the primary and the ADU- will enjoy privacy and their own outdoor space.

If you have a flat space that is approximately 39.5′ x 23′ we can install our studio unit. If you space is approximately 39.5′ x 39.5′ we can install our larger units.

Livability is another important consideration. Intelligent design is the difference between a functional box that feels like a container and a home that is open, energizing, and comfortable.

If your ADU is on a small lot, your second set of patio doors might be just four feet from your lot line. This creates a feeling of space and air, especially if it looks out to a green wall. It also provides for increased passive cooling and light.

Check out or space saving ADU floor plans here: Chose Your ADU Model